Foods That Will increase Your Muscle Mass

 At the last moment of the year and, especially at the beginning of each year, hundreds of people set a personal goal to lose a few extra pounds and exchange them for well toned muscle mass. Thus, achieving a physique that makes us feel safe and comfortable with ourselves could be easier if we consume the right foods during the training period. 

It is for this reason that this article shows a list of foods rich in nutrients and carbohydrates necessary to increase our muscles in a healthy way. And the best part is that none of them give us harmful fats that could set us back in the process. 

Whole grains. Foods such as rice, pasta and cereals provide a large amount of carbohydrates necessary to increase our muscles without damaging our health. 

Vegetable milks. Unlike cow's milk, plant-based milks such as oatmeal, rice, soy or almond provide a large amount of nutrients without providing harmful fats, as well as having a high protein content. 

Nuts. Because they are rich in protein and omega 3, vitamins and minerals, nuts such as raisins, almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, pecans, etc., are a key food to maintain our muscles. 

Tofu or vegetable cheese. Unlike cheese of animal origin, tofu or vegetable cheese is rich in protein and very low in fat. Which will help control and decrease focused fat in our body, in addition to benefiting the development of our muscles. 

Vegetables. Foods such as black beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, lentils, peas, and many others are rich in carbohydrates, protein, and are a source of iron. In addition to controlling cholesterol levels in our body, they are superfoods when it comes to increasing muscle mass. 

The key to health and muscle development is to eat foods that are low in fat but provide plenty of vitamins, nutrients, and carbohydrates. By consuming the foods that we mentioned, we will not only achieve the desired muscles and physique, but we will also incredibly improve our health and physical well being in general. 

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Simple Recommendations to Lose Weight

 One of the main goals that most people tend to set themselves year after year is to shed a few pounds that they know they do not need or do well for their body. Poor diet, sedentary lifestyle and stressful work routines are often the main causes of overweight in the majority of the American population, without knowing that small changes can lead to large transformations in our makeup.

Here is a list of recommendations that we can implement from now on to eliminate the extra kilos from your body. 

Eliminate animal products. Few people have knowledge about how harmful all those derived from milk, meat and eggs are. These foods are common in the diet of the American people but they contain high amounts of toxins, cholesterol and other substances harmful to health. With the simple change of gradually leaving these products you will notice a great transformation in your body. 

Move. Whether you exercise at home or somewhere designated for it outside the home, or start with small activities such as walks, your body will thank you, not only increasing your energy and physical health but also burning those pounds you do not need.

Hydrate your body. All physicians and health promotion centers agree that daily water intake is vital for maintaining health and controlling body weight. Therefore, if you perceive that your body is carrying extra kilos of fat, increase the amount of water you ingest per day as this will help eliminate these toxins. 

Laugh. Recent studies affirm that when a person laughs, apart from improving their mood and well-being in general, they also burn a significant amount of calories. Therefore, a more joyful lifestyle will help our bodily health. 

Detox your body. Currently, green smoothies are in fashion because they provide a large amount of nutrients and help the body in its process of eliminating toxic and harmful substances. So, try to drink at least 3 green smoothies per week and you will notice your body gradually shed the fat and weight it does not require.

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Essential Foods in Your Daily Plate

There are foods that are usually considered superfoods due to their great nutritional value and contribution of benefits to our health. Some of them we usually eat them occasionally, but if we consume them daily we would obtain their maximum contribution to our well being and we would avoid a large number of diseases that usually haunt today's population. Next, we list 6 foods that we should consume every day for their great nutritional content.

Chia. This seed with invaluable and almost magical properties is a superfood used and recommended by many vegans, athletes, nutritionists and doctors because it has five times more calcium than milk, three times more iron than spinach, more omega 3 than many types of fish and more protein than any vegetable. Among its benefits are hydrating the body, protecting the heart, helping diabetic health, preventing premature aging, helping with weight loss, providing energy to the body, eliminating toxic substances from the body and taking care of our bones.

Green leaves. Leaves such as arugula, spinach, basil, thyme, watercress, celery, oregano, bock choi, lettuce, coriander, kale, parsley, among many others, are a great source of nutrients and vitamins such as A, B, C, E, K, folic acid, fiber and minerals such as magnesium, manganese, iron, potassium and zinc, which provide benefits such as the elimination of toxins harmful to the body, prevent cancer, regulate and they improve intestinal transit, purify the blood, support the proper functioning of the liver and kidneys, and improve the appearance of our skin.

Olive oil. It is known as a superfood due to its great contribution of healthy fats and omega 9, necessary for our body. Among its greatest properties are the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, the strengthening of the immune system, prevention of cognitive deterioration, caring for our bones, support of the weight loss process and cancer prevention.

Garlic and onion. These two foods, as well as being powerful in flavor, are also powerful in nutritional properties. Garlic, on the one hand, is rich in vitamins E, C, group B, E, in addition to providing iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and sodium. As well as proteins, fiber and antioxidants. These foods improve the circulatory system, lower blood pressure and high cholesterol, purify the lungs, fight acne, prevent and fight infections, improve liver function, and reduce inflammation.

Avocado. Besides being one of people's favorite foods due to its delicious taste, it is also known for its great nutritional value. Like chia, it is the key food of athletes, vegans and health professionals for its contribution of healthy fats for the body such as Omega 3. Among its contributions are the loss of extra weight, improvement of eyesight, wrinkle prevention, heart care, elimination of toxins, improvement of brain functions, eliminates cellulite and reduces cholesterol and triglycerides
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Why Do we Dream while We sleep?

Dreaming, a phenomenon that has puzzled and intrigued humankind for centuries, is an intricate dance of the subconscious, weaving stories, faces, and places into the tapestry of our nighttime reverie. But what provokes these nightly narratives? Why do we dream, and what purpose might these enigmatic visions serve?

1. The Evolutionary Perspective

One theory suggests that dreaming has evolutionary roots. In the early days of our species, being able to anticipate and simulate possible threats was a survival advantage. By recreating scenarios in the safe confines of our minds, our ancestors could mentally rehearse their responses to potential dangers, honing their reactions and decision-making abilities. Dreams might have been nature’s original virtual reality simulator, preparing early humans for the challenges of their environment.

2. The Emotional Processing Theory

Our dreams often feel emotionally charged. This is no accident. Some experts believe dreams serve as a platform for emotional regulation and processing. Think of it as nighttime therapy. Dreams can help us digest the emotional residue of our waking hours, making sense of feelings, fears, and desires that might otherwise remain unprocessed. A troubling day could manifest as a nightmare, forcing us to confront and process difficult emotions while we sleep.

3. Memory Consolidation

Neuroscientific research points to the role of dreams in memory consolidation. When we sleep, especially during the rapid eye movement (REM) phase, the brain sifts through the day’s events, deciding what to commit to long-term memory and what to discard. Dreams may play a part in this process, allowing us to revisit and reframe experiences, thereby solidifying them in our memory bank.

4. Cognitive Development and Problem Solving

Have you ever gone to sleep with a problem on your mind, only to wake up with a solution or a fresh perspective? This isn’t mere coincidence. Dreams can be arenas for cognitive development, allowing the brain to explore solutions to problems or gain insights into complex situations. They can foster creativity, providing the mind an unstructured playground where boundaries of logic and reality don’t apply.

5. Reflection of the Unconscious

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung posited that dreams are a window to the unconscious, revealing desires, fears, and conflicts that might remain hidden in our waking lives. Through dreams, the mind communicates its innermost thoughts, often in symbolic or abstract form. Analyzing these symbols might offer insights into our deeper selves.

6. The Physiological Explanation

Some scientists argue that dreams don’t have profound psychological or symbolic meanings. Instead, they might be a byproduct of random neural impulses that pull random thoughts and images from our memories. As the brain interprets these signals, it constructs the bizarre, disjointed narratives we recognize as dreams.

The Mystery Persists

Despite the myriad theories and the advances in neuroscience, the realm of dreams remains enigmatic. Each theory provides a piece of the puzzle, but the full picture is complex and multifaceted.

Perhaps the reason we dream is a combination of these theories. Dreams could serve multiple purposes, from emotional regulation to problem solving. It might also be that the nature and function of dreams vary from person to person, influenced by individual experiences, brain chemistry, and emotional needs.

However, regardless of their origin or purpose, dreams remain a cherished aspect of the human experience. They provide us with stories that amuse, terrify, mystify, and inspire. They remind us of the boundless creativity of the human mind and its capacity to journey beyond the confines of reality.

7. Dreams as a Source of Creativity

Throughout history, artists, writers, and inventors have often credited dreams as the source of their inspiration. Famous examples abound, from Mary Shelley’s conception of “Frankenstein” to Paul McCartney’s melody for “Yesterday.” These instances reinforce the idea that dreams can serve as a conduit for innovative ideas, offering novel combinations and perspectives that might elude the conscious mind. In the vast, uncharted territories of the dream world, creativity flourishes, unencumbered by the constraints of logic and the mundane.

8. Social Simulation

Dreams often feature people we know, from family members to colleagues. One theory posits that these dream scenarios act as a type of social simulation, allowing us to navigate relationships and practice interactions. By rehearsing conversations or confronting unresolved interpersonal issues in our dreams, we might be better equipped to handle real-world social situations. This hypothesis underscores the interconnectedness of the human psyche, where our social lives remain active, even in sleep.

9. The Self-regulatory Function of Dreams

Beyond mere emotional processing, dreams might also have a self-regulatory function. They can serve as an inner moral compass, guiding us through ethical dilemmas and reflecting our core values. For instance, someone who dreams of refusing a dishonest gain might wake up with reinforced convictions about integrity. In this way, dreams can be instrumental in personal growth and self-awareness.

10. Healing and Restoration

There’s an old adage that “sleep is the best medicine.” Interestingly, dreams might play a part in this healing process. Some therapeutic approaches, such as dream therapy, are built on the premise that confronting and interpreting dream content can lead to emotional healing. By addressing suppressed traumas or unresolved issues that surface in dreams, individuals can find closure and emotional equilibrium.

A World Yet to be Fully Discovered

The world of dreams remains one of the last frontiers of human understanding. Though we’ve come a long way from ancient civilizations viewing dreams as divine messages, many of their mysteries remain intact. However, this enigma is also what makes dreams so profoundly fascinating. They stand as a testament to the vast, untapped potential and complexity of the human mind.

In our relentless pursuit of understanding, we must remember to cherish the magic and wonder that dreams bring to our lives. They offer nightly voyages into the unknown, challenging our perceptions and enriching our inner worlds. While science will continue its quest to decode the purpose and mechanics of dreaming, for many, dreams will always remain a source of inspiration, reflection, and awe.

In conclusion, while we might never fully unravel the enigma of dreams, delving into their mysteries is a testament to human curiosity. As we continue to seek answers, dreams will undoubtedly continue to captivate, confound, and comfort us, providing a nightly escape
into the labyrinth of the subconscious.
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Don't Throw in the Towel

There may be many reasons that have prompted you to start reading this article. I don't pretend that you say or do anything. Just read. When you're done, you might feel better.

We live in a very difficult time in human history. Daily we fight against elements superior to ourselves. Fight of giants, as many people would say. Maybe that song has inspired me to write this article. Can be. Or maybe the desire to help people, even if you are a complete stranger to me.

Hundreds or thousands of problems flood us, family, friends and ourselves. Did you ever think about leaving everything and giving up? You feel that you no longer have the strength or motivation to continue in the fight. A fleeting idea occurs to you: throw in the towel. But again you look the other way and find reasons to continue, at least once more, at the foot of the canyon. Because there is no other escape. Maybe there is, but you don't want to make that decision.

Fear sometimes protects us. It is good to be afraid of the unknown. That makes you stop your feet and not move further towards a point from which you may no longer be able to return. Known as the point of no return. And in life they don't give you many opportunities. Just one. So we must use it well. You did well to draw strength from weakness and not opt ​​for the easy solution, abandon ship. That is what cowards do. A sane person does not wish evil on anyone, therefore he does not want to harm those closest to him.

You may think that you are alone. But it is not true. They watch you. They look at you, they want you to be happy in life. What happens is that they don't tell you. What is the price of a human life? Superhuman efforts are made to search for living bodies after an earthquake. People who abandon everything with the slightest hope of rescuing a human life from the rubble. That thought alone is what moves the rescue battalions. A life is priceless. How much is a slave worth? That is the paradox. No one would put a price on his freedom, or on his life.

Therefore, when you find yourself lacking in motivation, you should think about those small things that can make you smile and continue to fight at least with that idea. You will discard negative thoughts and search your mind for happy and positive ideas, pleasant memories, plans for the future or whatever else will keep you going against the current and fighting in this jungle called life, where ruthless predators want to devour us. They lurk waiting for us to lower our arms to sink further into misery. But you must take the pride out of yourself and do everything you can to reach the shore. You must swim with all your might and slap anyone who insinuates you that you will not succeed.

Only then can you say with total pride: "I did not throw in the towel. 

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Goals and mental images

Goals drive our ambitions, give direction to our lives, and motivate us to push boundaries. However, merely setting a goal isn’t always enough. Our mind, an incredibly potent tool, can be harnessed to boost our path to achievement through the power of mental images or visualization.

Understanding Mental Imagery

At its core, mental imagery refers to the representation of sensory information in one’s mind without directly observing the source. It’s like watching a movie inside your head about a specific scenario or outcome. From the earliest legends of shamans visualizing successful hunts to modern athletes picturing themselves standing on the winner’s podium, the idea is not new but has evolved into a scientifically-backed technique.

How Visualization Supports Goal Setting

1. Creates a Clear Vision: By visualizing the successful completion of a goal, one can gain clarity on what that success looks like. This clarity can serve as a blueprint for actionable steps and decisions.
2. Boosts Motivation: Witnessing success, even just in our minds, can be a powerful motivator. The brain doesn’t differentiate much between real and imagined events, meaning the emotions felt during visualization can fuel our drive.
3. Prepares for Challenges: Visualization isn’t just about positive outcomes. By mentally rehearsing potential obstacles, one can be better prepared to handle challenges, reducing anxiety and increasing resilience.
4. Enhances Focus: Regularly revisiting our goals through mental imagery can sharpen our focus, ensuring we remain on track and do not get sidetracked by distractions.

The Science Behind Visualization

Neuroscience provides a fascinating insight into the power of mental imagery. Brain studies have shown that visualizing an action can activate the same brain regions as actually performing that action. For example, imagining playing a piano can trigger the same neural pathways as physically playing it.

This brain activity can result in real physical changes. A study demonstrated that participants who merely visualized doing strength-training exercises increased their muscle strength by about 13.5% over a few weeks, even without actual physical training.

Such findings underline the mind-body connection. When visualization is combined with genuine effort and practice, the results can be transformative.

Effective Visualization Techniques

1. Detailed Imagery: The more vivid and detailed the mental image, the more effective it can be. Engage all your senses not just sight, but also sound, touch, taste, and smell. If you’re visualizing a business success, don’t just see the contract signing. Hear the murmur of conversation, feel the weight of the pen, smell the leather of the boardroom chairs.
2. Positive Emotion: Inject your visualization with emotion. Feel the happiness, pride, or excitement that you would feel upon achieving the goal.
3. Consistent Practice: Like any skill, the more you practice visualization, the better you get at it. Set aside a few minutes daily, find a quiet place, relax, and let your mind paint the picture.
4. Combine with Action: While visualization is powerful, it’s not a replacement for action. Use it as a complementary tool alongside real world efforts.

Challenges and Criticisms

While the benefits of visualization are numerous, it’s also essential to approach it realistically. Over reliance on mental imagery without accompanying action can lead to disappointment. There’s also the risk of becoming so engrossed in one’s visions that they lose touch with the present moment, which can hinder genuine progress.

It’s crucial to strike a balance between visualization and grounded action, ensuring that while the mind dreams and aspires, the body also works and acts.

The Psychological Aspect of Visualization

Visualization is not just a neurological phenomenon; it has profound psychological implications. When we immerse ourselves in our desired future, we begin to believe in its possibility, and this belief becomes the bedrock of our efforts.

Shaping Self-belief

One of the fundamental barriers to achieving our goals is doubt – doubting our capabilities, doubting if the universe will conspire in our favor, or doubting if our efforts will bear fruit. Visualization helps combat these uncertainties. When we consistently visualize success, we rewire our psyche to be more attuned to positivity and possibility, fostering a more robust self-belief.

Reducing Fear of the Unknown

Often, fear emerges from the unknown or unfamiliar. When we visualize our goals and the path to achieve them, we familiarize ourselves with the process. This mental rehearsal helps to demystify the journey, making the once intimidating steps more approachable and manageable.

Visualization in Real world Scenarios

Several high achievers, from different walks of life, have vouched for the power of visualization:

1. Athletes: Top performing athletes often use visualization to perfect their skills. They imagine the trajectory of the ball, their footwork, the swing of their racket, and even the cheering of the crowd. Such detailed imagery helps them in actual gameplay, improving reaction times and strategy implementation.

2. Entrepreneurs: Business magnates often visualize their business strategies, from pitching to investors to the launch of a new product. This mental preparation equips them to handle negotiations, challenges, and unforeseen business scenarios with dexterity.
3. Artists: Many artists visualize their creations before they even pick up their tools. This mental image guides their hands, whether it’s in sculpting, painting, or crafting music.

The Balance between Dreaming and Doing

As emphasized earlier, while visualization is a formidable tool, it’s vital to pair it with action. Dreams set the direction, but it’s the steps we take that determine our destination. Thus, it’s essential to:

• Set Practical Milestones: While the end goal is the primary focus of visualization, setting smaller, practical milestones can provide a roadmap for action.
• Regularly Reflect: Periodically take a step back and assess your progress. Are your visualizations still aligned with your real-world efforts? Is there a need to adjust or recalibrate?
• Stay Grounded: It’s easy to get lost in the allure of our dreams. While optimism is beneficial, it’s also essential to remain rooted in reality, accepting that there may be bumps along the way.

Visualization is a bridge between our current reality and our desired future. By creating mental images, we not only foster self-belief and motivation but also equip ourselves to face challenges with a well prepared mind. But like all tools, its effectiveness hinges on its user. By balancing visualization with tangible action, we can harness its true potential and navigate our journey towards our goals with clarity and confidence. Remember, while our mind sets the vision, it’s our persistent efforts that turn that vision into reality.

In Conclusion , in our quest for personal and professional growth, mental images can be potent allies. Visualization, when done right, can amplify our efforts, align our subconscious with our conscious desires, and accelerate our journey towards our goals. As with all tools, the key lies in understanding its power, harnessing it effectively, and using it alongside genuine effort. The fusion of dreams and action, after all, is where true magic lies.

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Beautiful Words and Everything a Man must know to Conquer a Woman

It is time for you to stop watching how others take the most beautiful women. You, tall or short, fat or skinny, you have the same chances as anyone else with the most beautiful girl in the place. Learn everything you need to truly conquer a woman.

Have you ever wondered why some men are so superior to others when it comes to conquering women? It is not because they are more attractive, smarter or because their wallets are more bulky. They probably have two characteristics that work in their favor in this area: confidence and persistence.

Although many men possess these characteristics naturally, it is not necessary to have been born as a Don Juan or an expert in saying beautiful phrases to be successful in the conquest of the female sex. However, you do need to follow some important guidelines.

Below, are seven rules that will put you in the center of the conquest scene. These rules will not only help you increase your success with women, but will allow you to leave them at your feet with your new confident and chivalrous demeanor.

Before approaching make eye contact

Do you know the surest way to know if your approach will be successful? Try making preliminary eye contact to see how the female responds. If she keeps her gaze or, better yet, if she smiles go talk to her.

On the contrary, if she avoids your gaze, the chances are slim. In any case, do not forget to carry out a preliminary research work. Walk the area and you will notice which women are willing to meet men.

Although it seems obvious, it is worth saying that a woman who is looking at the men around her is more open than one who only pays attention to the friends she came with. Remember the following: women say too much through their body language; Therefore, if you want to increase your chances, pay attention.

Show interest in her and not her friends

Targeting more than one woman within the same social circle is a tactic that leads to disaster. Not only will you manage to look like a party animal, but you are forgetting a fundamental factor: if you want to successfully conquer a woman you must make her feel special.

And showing interest in her friends is not the best way to do it. So even if you are attracted to more than one woman in the group, choose one and stick with her. Otherwise, you will surely go home alone.

Make her feel like she's the sexiest woman in the world, often times, a woman falls in love with a man for one reason: she likes how he makes her feel. So if you make her feel like the prettiest in the place, there is a chance that she wants to see you again.

Also, this tactic will be beneficial in the long run, since if she feels comfortable with you, you will achieve benefits in all aspects of the relationship. However, this rule has a contraindication: avoid flattery if she already has a big ego.

Don't avoid giving compliments because you think she has already heard them all

In other words, don't stop approaching her and complimenting her just because you think you're not the first to do it , to say beautiful words and phrases. You probably think that it is not worth it to approach that beautiful woman standing by the door. You may think that countless numbers of men have already spoken to her.

But consider this: Most men have thought the same as you. The prettiest women are often complimented , but not many men take them seriously.

So don't be intimidated or assume she has already heard what you have to say. On the other hand, if you keep things simple, she might be grateful for giving him the possibility of an honest conversation.

Don't use clichés or ready made phrases

Never, ever do this. Using a cliché will only make you look like you're making a desperate attempt or inexperienced with women which is even worse. Rather, keep it simple and just try to be honest.

In this way, you will avoid all the formalities and you will differentiate yourself from men who use read made phrases with women, who, although it seems difficult to believe, there are many who still use them.

Approach places other than bars or nightclubs

In bars and nightclubs, women are often approached by dozens of men, so they already have armor on. This means that you may simply be rejected because you approached after a man who made her upset, or because you were the last in a long line of men who spoke to her.

Also, in nightclubs, since women expect to be flirted, they form defensive shields against unwanted men. This obviously works against you.

If you approach her in other places, in addition, the surprise factor will play in your favor. In a supermarket or in a cafe, she will not be waiting to be flirted beautiful words of love and could be pleasantly surprised by your gesture. However, think a bit before setting out to conquer a woman who, for example, is shopping in jogging pants and seems in a hurry. Probably not the best idea.

Learn to retire

Repeat this to yourself when you go on a conquest: there is nothing worse than a pushy guy. Reading her body language is not only important to know if she is interested, but to determine when it is time to leave.

For example, is she looking you in the eye or is she staring at the surrounding space? Do you seem bored with the conversation? If you are doing your best and sincere effort, and she still does not respond, end the conversation and move elsewhere.

And what if she is showing all the positive signs? Still, you shouldn't extend your stay longer than it should. If you leave the conversation at a high point, you will probably leave her wanting more.

Remember the rules of conquest

Remember that even the greatest masters of the conquest are rejected from time to time. But this is the secret of their success: beyond the constant rejections, they continue to approach women with their beautiful words and phrases. A good bulletproof vest and a little persistence are necessary for this game.

So perhaps the most important lesson is not to get depressed because a woman has sent you elsewhere with your talk. It is possible that she was having a bad day, or that she already had a partner. But if you stick to the rules just cited, you will end up succeeding. 

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The Force of Desire Knows no Limits

 One of the most important elements to succeed is desire, but this must be authentic, because many people are confused, they mention that they want something, but their actions are far from the purposes, when there is a divorce between actions and desire, we realize that this is just a vague, lukewarm desire that cannot lead us to conquer a dream.

When we speak of the force of desire, it means that the person is obsessed with that idea, is willing to make practically any sacrifice as long as his expectation is met, that attitude is what makes people mentioned in the books, we must look for our greatest dream and to begin to fight to conquer it with such strong determination that we feel that we have never acted with such passion before.

The deep desire is characterized by waking up every morning full of positive emotions because we are going to add a few bricks to our castle, knowing that we are heading to the great goal is important, but sometimes seeing all the way can be exasperating, the best thing is to focus on the present moment, we ask ourselves what are my goals for today? Then we concentrate on fulfilling them in the best possible way, the next day we do the same, so day by day, suddenly we will be at the peak of success.

A strong desire is also characterized by setting priorities, when we have an incredible thirst for success we are only thinking about achieving the goal, there is no mind for anything else, this is an aspect that is difficult to digest, because we all need fun and balance the life, but the truth is that if we want to radically modify the belief system, we must focus the mind day and night on the purpose, the stronger our work, it implies that the changes will occur soon.

Desire implies not conforming, looking for new ways of doing things, there are always options for improvement, the world's leading companies act that way, only then can they stay on top, success is a career that has no end , we can give much more than what we are used to, over time specialization allows us more efficient results.

The limits that prevent us from succeeding, are only in our mind, when we try and succeed, we realize that it was not as difficult as we imagined, then we dare to go further, we climb another step in the race to self-realization, that way we can go very far, we have the power to do it.

Once we begin to put our lives in order, the whole panorama that will lead us to obtain great triumphs gradually becomes clearer, it is a whole process, it takes time and you have to be willing to overcome many tests, but no matter how hard. It can be a hardship, it doesn't compare to the benefits of being an achiever.

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How You Can Build and Strengthen Your Relationship as a Couple

In order to achieve a reinforced relationship with our partner, we will have to set ourselves goals and consider what our strategies are going to be when it comes to taking advantage of certain moments.

A certain behavior will always be required of us in difficult situations and that is where we will have to measure up. When everything is going well it is very easy to love each other and stay together.

When things go wrong, whether due to financial problems, illnesses or other things, our attitude will promote the good course of our relationship or destroy it. We have always said that the best way to maintain a relationship is with good communication.

Love can end

On the other hand there is love, which can also end. When it will happen is difficult to know and we cannot wait because we will be bitter and we will not be able to enjoy our partner. Our function while we are together is to try to make things go well and for this we will have to know how to communicate.

When it comes to expressing your wishes or your feelings, you can use an aggressive style or be a passive that does not communicate anything. Both ways will not serve our enduring partner goal. The best thing is that you start by learning how to do it well and this will be with an assertive style.

Calm and leisurely discussions

People who know how to use this type of communication are the ideal ones to start a discussion since they will always defend their rights, opinions or wishes, however they will never harm others, they will take their opinions into account and they will be considerate of their way of thinking.

When we know how to use this type of communication, we will face a discussion with a slow and calm form of expression, we will always listen to what the other has to say, we will agree with them or understand them even though we do not agree with what they say. he says and, above all, we will defend our position; yes, without using aggression or threat at any time.

Our partner will not get defensive and between the two of us we can reach mutually beneficial agreements. You will get what you want in a calm way and your partner will not feel cheated or disappointed, problem solving and agreements will be used a lot since it is a form of active and determined communication.

Typical phrases that the assertive will use in a discussion will be:

"I understand you, however I believe "

You may be right but I still think that"

What exactly don't you like?"

This way of communicating will be the ideal in most cases, either when facing a conflict, or to give our opinion, or to make a criticism. And it will be the basis for the positive resolution of all conflicts that have to do with human relations. At the beginning of the sentences, interest is shown in what the other thinks, sometimes even half right, but throughout the conversation the point of view that interests us is always made clear by doing in this way that our your opponent does not get defensive since what we do in the first place is flatter him or agree with him. In a relationship with a partner, it will be the best alternative to solve problems.

Search for solutions

We will also have to learn to face the problems that arise in the best possible way and for this we must be clear about some concepts.

For example, when one of the members involves the other in decisions or problems that do not concern him directly and when the decision does not affect him, unnecessary and negative pressure on the partner will appear for the relationship. We will have to know how to differentiate our own and personal problems from those of a couple.

It will be important to differentiate a discussion from a search for solutions. They are different things. In the discussions, recriminations will be launched, the tone of voice will be higher and higher and the problem will not be solved, since the alternatives will benefit each member of the couple separately and on many occasions, said alternatives will not even come out to speech. However, in solving problems, options will be given that benefit both members of the couple or at least a mutual agreement can be reached. 

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Big Changes Always Come with an Idea

Every idea is born from a thought. How our ideas are born. Many times we have spent hours trying to get some brilliant idea to come to mind, and without the result we expected. We have put all our will in looking for some brilliant idea, but it was not present.

Ideas have nothing to do with willpower. The more willpower you apply, the less sure it is to reach the subconscious. Ideas spring up when one is thinking of something completely different.

Nor does intuition have anything to do with your willpower. Intuition is a guiding force that guides us in a seemingly irrational way that so often turns out to be extremely accurate.

The subconscious mind never stops working in our favor. Many times we have stopped thinking about a problem, which seemed to have no solution, but our subconscious mind continues to work looking for the answer and the solution to said problem.

When you are relaxed enough to listen to that inner voice, the subconscious presents you with the solution in the form of an intuition or an idea. It can happen during the day, or through a dream.

Dreams are a vehicle to discharge the anxieties and fears that accumulate during the day. If we did not dream, anxieties would keep us awake and we would be unable to regain energy while we are sleeping.

If we want to take advantage of the services of that great computer that is our subconscious, we need to acquire a sense that allows us to hear the inner voice.

It is extremely important to always keep the rational mind under control, otherwise the subconscious mind is imposed and blocked. Constant worry and generally indulging in catastrophic thoughts makes any person deaf to all constructive ideas.

If you want to take advantage of your intuition and creative ideas, you have to learn to partially disconnect from the conscious mind.

You will wonder how to do it. How many times have you been staring without seeing, without noticing what was happening around you, just thinking about something, with such concentration that you actually see it in front of you.

In those moments you have fallen into a kind of dream. Your rational mind is then somewhat numb, allowing you to wander through your thoughts or feelings, which present themselves.

While daydreaming, you are completely absorbed and remain absolutely still. But this is only possible when there is no concern.

As soon as you start to worry, you will start to fidget as well. We must be concerned and not worry, we must take care of the things that we must do and not worry about the things that we cannot do or change.

In order to understand the concept of not worrying about the things that we cannot change, and not allowing negative feelings to invade us, I will cite an example.

I had planned with my children that on the weekend we would go fishing. We spent the week preparing the rods, hooks, relays and every detail, we had taken it into account.

The night before we prepare the tent and the food to take away. That morning when we got up, we realized that it had started to rain, however I kept going, loading in the car all the things that we had to carry.

But every time it rained and stronger. The children began to get sick and to cry. What would you have done in my place?

Not knowing what you are learning today, we would have become bitter, both the children and me. But why allow time, which is something I cannot change or manage, to ruin the day we wanted to enjoy with the boys?

And here it is that I am not going to allow something that I do not handle, nor can I change, affect this day. Without unloading the car which the children had helped me load  and using the garage that I left empty, we set about putting together the car track and spent the whole day running races, eating the same food that we took for fishing, and about the afternoon as a surprise for them, I brought home some of their friends.

That day could have ended as a sad day for all of us, if we had allowed time, which is something that I cannot handle or change, to affect me.

Sunday dawned very beautiful and we went fishing, of course we did not take the carp, because we would not stay to sleep, but from something that was very bad, everything ended very well. 

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Marketing of Digital Products with Resell Rights

There are all kinds of digital products with resell rights that you can offer on your website. However, marketing digital products with resell rights can be difficult to do when you don't know how. One of the most important things you can do is educate yourself on how to market online. Therefore, remember that you will not be able to learn this in one day. Your education should be constant and not just something you have to do in one day. So what is the best way to start marketing digital products with resell rights? Here are some recommendations:

How to market digital products with resell rights

First, you must decide what type of marketing you want to do. In other words, you must define what budget you want to work with. This will help you decide whether you need to use the free marketing methods or the paid marketing methods. Consider that using free methods will take you longer to start seeing results. On the other hand, if you have a budget, you will get faster results and start making money sooner if you can use some of the paid advertising methods that are available.

Once you know what your budget is , you can start marketing more easily. Traffic is what you will need to make money. Therefore, you can use some of these alternatives to promote your business, in this case we will talk about some free marketing methods and some of the paid advertising methods as well.

One: write articles or hire someone to write them for you. This is definitely a form of advertising that you should use no matter what product you are promoting. Article marketing is and will always be the only form of advertising that will work. It will take a little time to see the results, but it will be worth the wait. Once you have an article, you will want to publish it on your website, blog, and submit it to article directories. In this article, you must include at the end of the text, a link to the products you are selling. This allows people to access it or other interested parties can share the post on their web pages or social networks.

 Two: join the forums and start posting answers to other people's questions or asking your own questions. You will have your digital signature that you can use and that will be published every time you make a comment or ask a question. These publications will be collected by different search engines.


Here are a couple of paid advertising methods you can use to market digital products with resell rights.

One: you can use pay per click advertising, like Google Adwords or from social networks like Facebook and Instagram. This is a quick way to see results. However, you should be sure to educate yourself on how this is done before spending your money. That way you will end up making money instead of losing it.

Two: You can buy solo ads with someone who has a list of loyal subscribers to their newsletter . You can promote your products with resale rights to a segmented audience.

No matter what you use to market digital products with resell rights, it is important that you educate yourself in different ways. Use several methods at once to see which one works best for you. This way you have a better chance of making money faster.

Bottom Line: It 's hard to do resell rights digital product marketing if you don't know how to do it. The best way to start marketing is to learn about all the different ways you can advertise products with resell rights. This is very important for positive results.

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Information Products with Resell Rights

 When we buy information products with resell rights , we are acquiring the rights to resell the product as many times as necessary, that is a business especially suitable for the Internet.

Plain and simple, you buy the rights to sell a product online and then sell it to be downloaded as many times as you want. Normally when you purchase an ebook, software, articles, videos or templates without resale rights, you are only allowed to use them for personal use and nothing else.

When you buy resale rights, you buy the legal right to sell as many copies of the product, you can sell, and sell as many times as you want. When you acquire legal rights, follow the rules and limitations found in the license of each product, a way of being honest and showing honesty as a marketer.

This is a round robin business with unlimited profits, you only pay once for a digital product with resell rights and you can sell it again and again and again, and you also have the freedom to sell it together with other products to give them added value.

Are you ready to start making money the easy way?

If the idea of ​​working from home for a couple of hours a day and making a steady, regular income appeals to you, starting with resell rights may be your best option, it's one of the hottest models of internet business.

For those who do not have time to make their own product or do not have the necessary knowledge to develop an information product and want to start making money immediately without spending so much time on research, writing, preparing a good cover with an attractive title, the Resale Rights business is an unbeatable option.

It is a highly profitable business to start online business without starting with so many expenses, just an additional report when you buy products with Resale Rights verifies that they are of quality as well as getting them at a good price, unfortunately you get the best ones in the market Anglo at incredible prices.

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Sell Your Products with Resale Rights

 If you have purchased several products with resale rights and you only have them accumulated on your hard drive and until now you have not used them, it is time to take advantage of them and resell them, in a single Super Pack, separate Packs, attach them to other products, give them as bonuses in short you can make some money with them in many ways.

The only thing I remind you of is that you read the licenses of each product purchased, so that you can use them according to the rights granted, so as not to get into trouble with your suppliers and at the same time you with your customers.

Of course, when selling products with resale rights, you may think that there are many who have already acquired it, do not worry, many are for personal use and a large majority only saved them on their PC, they have not read them, they bought it for some good purpose and they never carried out their planned plans.

I hope you are not one of these people who only archives their products, and for some reason you do not follow the next steps to generate income on the Internet and achieve the success that we all want.

If you bought them to resell because that was your purpose, follow it until it is fulfilled, don't get halfway there.

Resell your products that you already have, use your imagination and your creativity to find new forms of marketing, build your packages, your batches, your packs, and if you already have a website, the first thing is to generate amounts of free qualified traffic to your website , according to the market niche in which you are, and take advantage of the free tools that Google offers you to do all kinds of marketing to promote your products.

In summary, a simple and simple way to benefit from products with accumulated resale rights on your PC and to generate income from the first day to recover 100% from the first sales, is to resell all those that you have acquired and you have not given the correct use.

I also remind you that the best products with resale rights are those that you can modify at will, such as ebooks PLR (Private Label Rights) the investment is minimal, the risk is very low, with good returns and the experience acquired. it is for your whole life.

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Another Simple Way to See The Demonstrations

 Most people think of manifestations only referring to three dimensional things like money, houses, cars, the ideal partner, and concrete dreams.

If we want something and we still do not have it physically speaking, then we think that we have not manifested it.

But that is a very narrow way of thinking that will not help you to deliberately create your reality because when you only focus on material things you forget about positive feelings, optimism, happiness, trust in the Universe, positive expectations, that they are also manifestations.

And best of all, they are precedent for physical manifestations.

Your positive feelings about something are also manifestations, for example feeling better when you think about money is an indication that you are expressing more money.

When I was sick for almost a year and the doctors did not find the problem, I woke up every day with colic in my stomach and hopeless because the months passed and that pain did not go away.

My main job consisted in improving my way of seeing the situation with all kinds of tricks to eliminate negativity, activate a different consciousness and focus more on what was working well in my body which was 99%.

One morning I woke up with pain but hope, only the sense of tranquility and hope was a manifestation that I celebrated a lot and within a few days I found a Matrix Energetics therapist who energetically reconnected me with the lower part of my body.

The next day I was very hot and on the third day the pain disappeared and it never came back.

When you manifest positive feelings it means that: 1) you are inside the vortex 2) you are in alignment with all the things that you have asked the Universe 3) you are much closer than ever to manifesting your desire.

This is wonderful as long as you don't start to get attached to the manifestation of your desire again by asking yourself "If I'm so close why isn't it here?

The feelings of frustration and anger that come when you ask yourself that question are a negative manifestation that will now take you away from your desire.

Whenever people are dissatisfied and think that only expressing their desire is the only thing that will give them satisfaction, happiness and all those feelings, ironically they are moving away even more than they want.

Because negative emotion generates resistance that repels rather than attracts.

During the day notice your feelings and celebrate how happy you feel, congratulate yourself when you have expressed improved feelings and note that physical things follow positive feelings and not the other way around.

But don't do this because it will help you manifest something - that will create attachment again. Do it to feel good and be happy (the physical manifestation will follow those manifestations as long as you do not repel them with negative feelings or become attached to being happy only when you have them.

When I was short of money many years ago, my feelings were very negative and the enhanced feelings attracted physical manifestations such as free meals, cash gifts, ideas to monetize my hobbies, taxi drivers not charging me for the trip, and situations where money I was giving much more than before, without earning more, the same amount just strangely I was giving more than before.

But that situation was after I spent time feeling good about money, knowing he was my friend and seeing it that way. Respecting his power and focusing on the abundance he already had no matter how little it seemed.

Your relationship with money changes when you feel good without needing it.

Your relationship with your body changes when you feel good without needing the

manifestation of something. I already know a few kilos less, health vitality

Your relationship changes when you don't need your partner to change or your partner to arrive to be happy

And so on.

Therefore always remember that if you want to manifest something it is because you BELIEVE that this manifestation will make you happy. But you can be happy , you have the power to be without that manifestation coming and it is a great power, take it as such.

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Tips and Games to Activate Your Spiritual Purpose and Raise Your Consciousness

 You are a special and unique person, just as your fingerprints are, there has never been or will never be someone like you. You are so unique that there can never be another human being identical to you.

Just as you are so unique, your purpose in life is unmatched, because you were born with a meaningful mission to accomplish precisely at this time.

In this week's article you will learn some simple steps and a proven game to activate your purpose, attract more money and resources to carry it out:

Tip # 1 Activities related to your purpose always have to do with something you love to do, start there.

Spend more time thinking about the activities you love and those things in which your talent is natural, put more time on those activities and focus more powerfully on the ideas that come from your intuition.

Tip # 2 Everything in the Universe is preparing you for your purpose.

Keep in mind that everything you already know how to do is part of getting your purpose out into the world. Your special purpose is ALWAYS evolving and you will never get to the point where you are static or a finished product, life is designed to always be in motion, either forward or backward.

This is why it is very important that you are always willing to grow and try new things that attract your attention, since you never know if this new is the next step towards the other level of success that you were looking for.

Tip # 3 Don't keep putting off your ideas.

Do not wait until the conditions are the best, in fact times of crisis and job layoffs are the ideal impulse to move towards something new, many people who have achieved great things with their work or their companies (for example Steve Jobs) They tell us emphatically that a dismissal from work is the best thing that happened to them in their entire life.

Tip # 4 Dedicate yourself to doing what you are good at.

Do everything in your power to dedicate yourself to doing the things that you are good at, because those are the ones that will make you more money, give you more happiness and a sense of triumph while doing them.

Tip # 5 Open yourself to greater resources with this game that I have used to activate my spiritual purpose and that I continue to play to date with great results in my economy.

A)  Imagine that you have a bank account with a good amount of money, especially for investments in your ideal job, every penny you invest in getting your job out into the world, in your education, in taking the next step will be multiplied by 10, for example:

Let's say you spend $ 100 to take a class on something you need to learn. Instead of thinking negatively about that money (I will need it for an emergency, it is a waste of time and money etc.), think positively: * That it is money well spent * That knowledge is power and a lot, yes you use. * What will you return multiplied by 10: (if you spent $ 100 x 10 = 1,000). * That everything you learn adds net value in resources.

This is actually so because the more negatively you think about money, the less money you will have. The more positively you think about money, the more you will have and when you express a truth, your consciousness rises a lot because reason and truth vibrate at 400 within the map of human consciousness (Dr. David Hawkins), while apathy calibrates at 50 and fear at 100. That is why the inherent truth within the statement: "What I invest in my education comes back multiplied by 10 times and it is the best I can do for my progress" is very powerful and positions you in a place where you have access to resources, ideas and great energy that you did not have when you were apathetic, or when you were afraid!

B)  Have fun with this game in your imagination and spend on everything you can think of that could help you find your purpose quickly.

What would you invest in if you had all that money? In a business? On going back to school? In hiring a coach? In personal growth books? In a car, truck or van? In opening an institute or school?

C)  Keep feeling abundant, expanded and with unlimited resources to invest in your purpose, the more you play this game, the more opportunities you will have to dedicate yourself to doing 100% what you love. It is also very important that you start to act in a practical way, saying yes to the things that you have at your fingertips, remember that apathy calibrates very low within a scale of 1000, only calibrates at 50 and will keep you more apathetic, tribal connected with the other community that vibrates in apathy on the planet.

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How To Create Your Own Environment of Prosperity

We often hear that our environment plays a crucial role in our success and wellbeing. Whether it’s the places we frequent, the people we surround ourselves with, or even the thoughts we entertain, our environment has a profound impact on our prosperity. But how can one curate an environment that not only breeds success but also nurtures prosperity in all its forms - financial, emotional, physical, and mental? Let’s explore how to create our own environment of prosperity.

1. Cultivate a Growth Mindset

Prosperity begins in the mind. Adopting a growth mindset the belief that skills and intelligence can be developed through hard work, good strategies, and input from others can be transformative. People with this mindset are more adaptable to change, are resilient in the face of challenges, and view failures as opportunities to learn and grow.

Action Steps:

Embrace challenges and persevere when things get tough.
View failures as valuable lessons, not definitive setbacks.
Continually seek opportunities for growth and learning.

2. Surround Yourself with Positive Influences

The company you keep can either elevate you or bring you down. Surrounding yourself with positive, ambitious, and nurturing individuals can be the catalyst for your own prosperity.

Action Steps:

Reevaluate your current relationships and consider distancing from negative influences.
Actively seek out mentorship or guidance from those who inspire you.
Participate in groups, communities, or networks aligned with your aspirations.

3. Establish Clear Goals and Vision

A vision provides direction, and clear goals pave the way towards achieving that vision. By knowing what you want, you can tailor your environment to support and nurture those aspirations.

Action Steps:

Define what prosperity means to you - is it financial security, good health, meaningful relationships, or all of the above?

Set clear, actionable goals that align with your vision.
Review and adjust your goals periodically, ensuring they remain relevant and motivating.

4. Invest in Continuous Learning

In our rapidly evolving world, continuous learning is a cornerstone of prosperity. By dedicating time to acquire new knowledge and skills, you not only remain competitive but also open doors to diverse opportunities.

Action Steps:

Allocate a portion of your time each week for reading, taking courses, or attending workshops.
Diversify your learning – don’t just focus on your primary field. Cross-disciplinary knowledge can bring about innovative ideas.
Apply what you learn. Theoretical knowledge gains value when put into practice.

5. Prioritize Health and Wellbeing

An environment of prosperity isn’t limited to financial success. Physical and mental wellbeing are foundational to achieving and enjoying success.

Action Steps:

Incorporate regular exercise into your routine.
Adopt a balanced diet and stay hydrated.
Practice mindfulness or meditation to manage stress and maintain mental clarity.

6. Organize Your Physical Space

A cluttered environment can lead to a cluttered mind. Organizing your physical space can have profound effects on your productivity, creativity, and overall wellbeing.

Action Steps:

Declutter regularly. Remove items that don’t add value or purpose to your life.
Design your workspace to be conducive to productivity, with ample lighting and ergonomics in mind.
Introduce elements that inspire positivity, such as plants, art, or motivational quotes.

7. Practice Financial Discipline

Financial prosperity requires discipline. By managing your finances wisely, you’re setting the foundation for long-term security and growth.

Action Steps:

Set a budget and stick to it. Monitor your spending habits.
Invest wisely. Seek advice from financial advisors or take courses on investment.
Cultivate multiple streams of income to diversify and safeguard your earnings.

8. Embrace Gratitude

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude can shift your perspective, allowing you to view challenges as opportunities and to appreciate the journey as much as the destination.

Action Steps:

Maintain a gratitude journal, noting down things you’re thankful for daily.
Express gratitude to those who support and uplift you.
Regularly reflect on your progress and the positive aspects of your journey.

9. Cultivate Resilience

Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from challenges and setbacks. In an environment of prosperity, you will undoubtedly encounter obstacles. Embracing resilience ensures that these hurdles don’t deter you but instead bolster your determination.

Action Steps:

Develop coping strategies for challenging times, such as seeking support, taking breaks, or revisiting your purpose.

Celebrate small wins along the way to keep morale high.
Learn from each setback and use it as a stepping stone for future endeavors.

10. Engage in Service and Giving Back

True prosperity is holistic, encompassing not just personal gain but also the enrichment of others. Engaging in acts of service and giving back not only enhances your community but also provides a deep sense of fulfillment.

Action Steps:

Dedicate time to volunteer for causes that resonate with you.
Mentor or guide those who are early in their journey.
Allocate a portion of your success – be it time, skills, or finances – to charitable endeavors.

11. Foster Strong Communication

Effective communication is integral to building and nurturing relationships that can foster prosperity. Whether it’s professional networks, family, or friends, clear communication can prevent misunderstandings and build trust.

Action Steps:

Regularly seek feedback and be open to constructive criticism.
Develop active listening skills.
Attend workshops or seminars that enhance communication proficiency.

12. Seek Balance

While ambition drives prosperity, balance ensures longevity. An environment of prosperity is one where work, leisure, relationships, and self-care coexist harmoniously.

Action Steps:

Set boundaries for work and personal time.
Engage in hobbies and activities that rejuvenate the soul.
Ensure you allocate time for self-reflection and personal growth.

13. Stay Updated with Trends and Innovations

The world is in a constant state of flux. What’s relevant today might be obsolete tomorrow. By staying updated with the latest trends and innovations, you ensure your environment of prosperity remains current and adaptable.

Action Steps:

Subscribe to journals, magazines, or websites related to your field.
Attend conferences, webinars, or workshops that introduce new concepts or technologies.
Engage in discussions with peers to exchange insights and perspectives.

14. Practice Integrity

Integrity is the cornerstone of lasting success and prosperity. By upholding values and ethics in all endeavors, you not only command respect but also ensure that your prosperity has a solid foundation.

Action Steps:

Always be transparent and honest in your dealings.
Uphold your commitments and promises.
Regularly introspect to ensure your actions align with your core values.

Conclusion: Your Unique Prosperity Blueprint

Creating an environment of prosperity is a deeply personal journey. While the guidelines above provide a roadmap, it’s essential to customize them according to your unique aspirations, values, and circumstances. As you embark on this journey, remember that prosperity is not just about amassing wealth or accolades but cultivating a life enriched with purpose, joy, and connection. Craft your blueprint, stay committed, and watch prosperity blossom in every aspect of your life.

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