Another Simple Way to See The Demonstrations

 Most people think of manifestations only referring to three dimensional things like money, houses, cars, the ideal partner, and concrete dreams.

If we want something and we still do not have it physically speaking, then we think that we have not manifested it.

But that is a very narrow way of thinking that will not help you to deliberately create your reality because when you only focus on material things you forget about positive feelings, optimism, happiness, trust in the Universe, positive expectations, that they are also manifestations.

And best of all, they are precedent for physical manifestations.

Your positive feelings about something are also manifestations, for example feeling better when you think about money is an indication that you are expressing more money.

When I was sick for almost a year and the doctors did not find the problem, I woke up every day with colic in my stomach and hopeless because the months passed and that pain did not go away.

My main job consisted in improving my way of seeing the situation with all kinds of tricks to eliminate negativity, activate a different consciousness and focus more on what was working well in my body which was 99%.

One morning I woke up with pain but hope, only the sense of tranquility and hope was a manifestation that I celebrated a lot and within a few days I found a Matrix Energetics therapist who energetically reconnected me with the lower part of my body.

The next day I was very hot and on the third day the pain disappeared and it never came back.

When you manifest positive feelings it means that: 1) you are inside the vortex 2) you are in alignment with all the things that you have asked the Universe 3) you are much closer than ever to manifesting your desire.

This is wonderful as long as you don't start to get attached to the manifestation of your desire again by asking yourself "If I'm so close why isn't it here?

The feelings of frustration and anger that come when you ask yourself that question are a negative manifestation that will now take you away from your desire.

Whenever people are dissatisfied and think that only expressing their desire is the only thing that will give them satisfaction, happiness and all those feelings, ironically they are moving away even more than they want.

Because negative emotion generates resistance that repels rather than attracts.

During the day notice your feelings and celebrate how happy you feel, congratulate yourself when you have expressed improved feelings and note that physical things follow positive feelings and not the other way around.

But don't do this because it will help you manifest something - that will create attachment again. Do it to feel good and be happy (the physical manifestation will follow those manifestations as long as you do not repel them with negative feelings or become attached to being happy only when you have them.

When I was short of money many years ago, my feelings were very negative and the enhanced feelings attracted physical manifestations such as free meals, cash gifts, ideas to monetize my hobbies, taxi drivers not charging me for the trip, and situations where money I was giving much more than before, without earning more, the same amount just strangely I was giving more than before.

But that situation was after I spent time feeling good about money, knowing he was my friend and seeing it that way. Respecting his power and focusing on the abundance he already had no matter how little it seemed.

Your relationship with money changes when you feel good without needing it.

Your relationship with your body changes when you feel good without needing the

manifestation of something. I already know a few kilos less, health vitality

Your relationship changes when you don't need your partner to change or your partner to arrive to be happy

And so on.

Therefore always remember that if you want to manifest something it is because you BELIEVE that this manifestation will make you happy. But you can be happy , you have the power to be without that manifestation coming and it is a great power, take it as such.

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