Big Changes Always Come with an Idea

Every idea is born from a thought. How our ideas are born. Many times we have spent hours trying to get some brilliant idea to come to mind, and without the result we expected. We have put all our will in looking for some brilliant idea, but it was not present.

Ideas have nothing to do with willpower. The more willpower you apply, the less sure it is to reach the subconscious. Ideas spring up when one is thinking of something completely different.

Nor does intuition have anything to do with your willpower. Intuition is a guiding force that guides us in a seemingly irrational way that so often turns out to be extremely accurate.

The subconscious mind never stops working in our favor. Many times we have stopped thinking about a problem, which seemed to have no solution, but our subconscious mind continues to work looking for the answer and the solution to said problem.

When you are relaxed enough to listen to that inner voice, the subconscious presents you with the solution in the form of an intuition or an idea. It can happen during the day, or through a dream.

Dreams are a vehicle to discharge the anxieties and fears that accumulate during the day. If we did not dream, anxieties would keep us awake and we would be unable to regain energy while we are sleeping.

If we want to take advantage of the services of that great computer that is our subconscious, we need to acquire a sense that allows us to hear the inner voice.

It is extremely important to always keep the rational mind under control, otherwise the subconscious mind is imposed and blocked. Constant worry and generally indulging in catastrophic thoughts makes any person deaf to all constructive ideas.

If you want to take advantage of your intuition and creative ideas, you have to learn to partially disconnect from the conscious mind.

You will wonder how to do it. How many times have you been staring without seeing, without noticing what was happening around you, just thinking about something, with such concentration that you actually see it in front of you.

In those moments you have fallen into a kind of dream. Your rational mind is then somewhat numb, allowing you to wander through your thoughts or feelings, which present themselves.

While daydreaming, you are completely absorbed and remain absolutely still. But this is only possible when there is no concern.

As soon as you start to worry, you will start to fidget as well. We must be concerned and not worry, we must take care of the things that we must do and not worry about the things that we cannot do or change.

In order to understand the concept of not worrying about the things that we cannot change, and not allowing negative feelings to invade us, I will cite an example.

I had planned with my children that on the weekend we would go fishing. We spent the week preparing the rods, hooks, relays and every detail, we had taken it into account.

The night before we prepare the tent and the food to take away. That morning when we got up, we realized that it had started to rain, however I kept going, loading in the car all the things that we had to carry.

But every time it rained and stronger. The children began to get sick and to cry. What would you have done in my place?

Not knowing what you are learning today, we would have become bitter, both the children and me. But why allow time, which is something I cannot change or manage, to ruin the day we wanted to enjoy with the boys?

And here it is that I am not going to allow something that I do not handle, nor can I change, affect this day. Without unloading the car which the children had helped me load  and using the garage that I left empty, we set about putting together the car track and spent the whole day running races, eating the same food that we took for fishing, and about the afternoon as a surprise for them, I brought home some of their friends.

That day could have ended as a sad day for all of us, if we had allowed time, which is something that I cannot handle or change, to affect me.

Sunday dawned very beautiful and we went fishing, of course we did not take the carp, because we would not stay to sleep, but from something that was very bad, everything ended very well. 

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