The Force of Desire Knows no Limits

 One of the most important elements to succeed is desire, but this must be authentic, because many people are confused, they mention that they want something, but their actions are far from the purposes, when there is a divorce between actions and desire, we realize that this is just a vague, lukewarm desire that cannot lead us to conquer a dream.

When we speak of the force of desire, it means that the person is obsessed with that idea, is willing to make practically any sacrifice as long as his expectation is met, that attitude is what makes people mentioned in the books, we must look for our greatest dream and to begin to fight to conquer it with such strong determination that we feel that we have never acted with such passion before.

The deep desire is characterized by waking up every morning full of positive emotions because we are going to add a few bricks to our castle, knowing that we are heading to the great goal is important, but sometimes seeing all the way can be exasperating, the best thing is to focus on the present moment, we ask ourselves what are my goals for today? Then we concentrate on fulfilling them in the best possible way, the next day we do the same, so day by day, suddenly we will be at the peak of success.

A strong desire is also characterized by setting priorities, when we have an incredible thirst for success we are only thinking about achieving the goal, there is no mind for anything else, this is an aspect that is difficult to digest, because we all need fun and balance the life, but the truth is that if we want to radically modify the belief system, we must focus the mind day and night on the purpose, the stronger our work, it implies that the changes will occur soon.

Desire implies not conforming, looking for new ways of doing things, there are always options for improvement, the world's leading companies act that way, only then can they stay on top, success is a career that has no end , we can give much more than what we are used to, over time specialization allows us more efficient results.

The limits that prevent us from succeeding, are only in our mind, when we try and succeed, we realize that it was not as difficult as we imagined, then we dare to go further, we climb another step in the race to self-realization, that way we can go very far, we have the power to do it.

Once we begin to put our lives in order, the whole panorama that will lead us to obtain great triumphs gradually becomes clearer, it is a whole process, it takes time and you have to be willing to overcome many tests, but no matter how hard. It can be a hardship, it doesn't compare to the benefits of being an achiever.

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