Tips and Games to Activate Your Spiritual Purpose and Raise Your Consciousness

 You are a special and unique person, just as your fingerprints are, there has never been or will never be someone like you. You are so unique that there can never be another human being identical to you.

Just as you are so unique, your purpose in life is unmatched, because you were born with a meaningful mission to accomplish precisely at this time.

In this week's article you will learn some simple steps and a proven game to activate your purpose, attract more money and resources to carry it out:

Tip # 1 Activities related to your purpose always have to do with something you love to do, start there.

Spend more time thinking about the activities you love and those things in which your talent is natural, put more time on those activities and focus more powerfully on the ideas that come from your intuition.

Tip # 2 Everything in the Universe is preparing you for your purpose.

Keep in mind that everything you already know how to do is part of getting your purpose out into the world. Your special purpose is ALWAYS evolving and you will never get to the point where you are static or a finished product, life is designed to always be in motion, either forward or backward.

This is why it is very important that you are always willing to grow and try new things that attract your attention, since you never know if this new is the next step towards the other level of success that you were looking for.

Tip # 3 Don't keep putting off your ideas.

Do not wait until the conditions are the best, in fact times of crisis and job layoffs are the ideal impulse to move towards something new, many people who have achieved great things with their work or their companies (for example Steve Jobs) They tell us emphatically that a dismissal from work is the best thing that happened to them in their entire life.

Tip # 4 Dedicate yourself to doing what you are good at.

Do everything in your power to dedicate yourself to doing the things that you are good at, because those are the ones that will make you more money, give you more happiness and a sense of triumph while doing them.

Tip # 5 Open yourself to greater resources with this game that I have used to activate my spiritual purpose and that I continue to play to date with great results in my economy.

A)  Imagine that you have a bank account with a good amount of money, especially for investments in your ideal job, every penny you invest in getting your job out into the world, in your education, in taking the next step will be multiplied by 10, for example:

Let's say you spend $ 100 to take a class on something you need to learn. Instead of thinking negatively about that money (I will need it for an emergency, it is a waste of time and money etc.), think positively: * That it is money well spent * That knowledge is power and a lot, yes you use. * What will you return multiplied by 10: (if you spent $ 100 x 10 = 1,000). * That everything you learn adds net value in resources.

This is actually so because the more negatively you think about money, the less money you will have. The more positively you think about money, the more you will have and when you express a truth, your consciousness rises a lot because reason and truth vibrate at 400 within the map of human consciousness (Dr. David Hawkins), while apathy calibrates at 50 and fear at 100. That is why the inherent truth within the statement: "What I invest in my education comes back multiplied by 10 times and it is the best I can do for my progress" is very powerful and positions you in a place where you have access to resources, ideas and great energy that you did not have when you were apathetic, or when you were afraid!

B)  Have fun with this game in your imagination and spend on everything you can think of that could help you find your purpose quickly.

What would you invest in if you had all that money? In a business? On going back to school? In hiring a coach? In personal growth books? In a car, truck or van? In opening an institute or school?

C)  Keep feeling abundant, expanded and with unlimited resources to invest in your purpose, the more you play this game, the more opportunities you will have to dedicate yourself to doing 100% what you love. It is also very important that you start to act in a practical way, saying yes to the things that you have at your fingertips, remember that apathy calibrates very low within a scale of 1000, only calibrates at 50 and will keep you more apathetic, tribal connected with the other community that vibrates in apathy on the planet.

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