Beautiful Words and Everything a Man must know to Conquer a Woman

It is time for you to stop watching how others take the most beautiful women. You, tall or short, fat or skinny, you have the same chances as anyone else with the most beautiful girl in the place. Learn everything you need to truly conquer a woman.

Have you ever wondered why some men are so superior to others when it comes to conquering women? It is not because they are more attractive, smarter or because their wallets are more bulky. They probably have two characteristics that work in their favor in this area: confidence and persistence.

Although many men possess these characteristics naturally, it is not necessary to have been born as a Don Juan or an expert in saying beautiful phrases to be successful in the conquest of the female sex. However, you do need to follow some important guidelines.

Below, are seven rules that will put you in the center of the conquest scene. These rules will not only help you increase your success with women, but will allow you to leave them at your feet with your new confident and chivalrous demeanor.

Before approaching make eye contact

Do you know the surest way to know if your approach will be successful? Try making preliminary eye contact to see how the female responds. If she keeps her gaze or, better yet, if she smiles go talk to her.

On the contrary, if she avoids your gaze, the chances are slim. In any case, do not forget to carry out a preliminary research work. Walk the area and you will notice which women are willing to meet men.

Although it seems obvious, it is worth saying that a woman who is looking at the men around her is more open than one who only pays attention to the friends she came with. Remember the following: women say too much through their body language; Therefore, if you want to increase your chances, pay attention.

Show interest in her and not her friends

Targeting more than one woman within the same social circle is a tactic that leads to disaster. Not only will you manage to look like a party animal, but you are forgetting a fundamental factor: if you want to successfully conquer a woman you must make her feel special.

And showing interest in her friends is not the best way to do it. So even if you are attracted to more than one woman in the group, choose one and stick with her. Otherwise, you will surely go home alone.

Make her feel like she's the sexiest woman in the world, often times, a woman falls in love with a man for one reason: she likes how he makes her feel. So if you make her feel like the prettiest in the place, there is a chance that she wants to see you again.

Also, this tactic will be beneficial in the long run, since if she feels comfortable with you, you will achieve benefits in all aspects of the relationship. However, this rule has a contraindication: avoid flattery if she already has a big ego.

Don't avoid giving compliments because you think she has already heard them all

In other words, don't stop approaching her and complimenting her just because you think you're not the first to do it , to say beautiful words and phrases. You probably think that it is not worth it to approach that beautiful woman standing by the door. You may think that countless numbers of men have already spoken to her.

But consider this: Most men have thought the same as you. The prettiest women are often complimented , but not many men take them seriously.

So don't be intimidated or assume she has already heard what you have to say. On the other hand, if you keep things simple, she might be grateful for giving him the possibility of an honest conversation.

Don't use clichés or ready made phrases

Never, ever do this. Using a cliché will only make you look like you're making a desperate attempt or inexperienced with women which is even worse. Rather, keep it simple and just try to be honest.

In this way, you will avoid all the formalities and you will differentiate yourself from men who use read made phrases with women, who, although it seems difficult to believe, there are many who still use them.

Approach places other than bars or nightclubs

In bars and nightclubs, women are often approached by dozens of men, so they already have armor on. This means that you may simply be rejected because you approached after a man who made her upset, or because you were the last in a long line of men who spoke to her.

Also, in nightclubs, since women expect to be flirted, they form defensive shields against unwanted men. This obviously works against you.

If you approach her in other places, in addition, the surprise factor will play in your favor. In a supermarket or in a cafe, she will not be waiting to be flirted beautiful words of love and could be pleasantly surprised by your gesture. However, think a bit before setting out to conquer a woman who, for example, is shopping in jogging pants and seems in a hurry. Probably not the best idea.

Learn to retire

Repeat this to yourself when you go on a conquest: there is nothing worse than a pushy guy. Reading her body language is not only important to know if she is interested, but to determine when it is time to leave.

For example, is she looking you in the eye or is she staring at the surrounding space? Do you seem bored with the conversation? If you are doing your best and sincere effort, and she still does not respond, end the conversation and move elsewhere.

And what if she is showing all the positive signs? Still, you shouldn't extend your stay longer than it should. If you leave the conversation at a high point, you will probably leave her wanting more.

Remember the rules of conquest

Remember that even the greatest masters of the conquest are rejected from time to time. But this is the secret of their success: beyond the constant rejections, they continue to approach women with their beautiful words and phrases. A good bulletproof vest and a little persistence are necessary for this game.

So perhaps the most important lesson is not to get depressed because a woman has sent you elsewhere with your talk. It is possible that she was having a bad day, or that she already had a partner. But if you stick to the rules just cited, you will end up succeeding. 

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