Within Personal Improvement there are countless books and guides about how to achieve our dreams and build specific goals. Most of them start from the assumption that we already have a goal in mind, that we know what our dreams are and we are clear about what we want to dedicate ourselves to for the rest of our lives.

But what happens when we have no idea what we want or what we want to do? What happens when confusion and indecision stalk us? Many people, when asked what are the objectives they plan to achieve, have little or no clarity in defining them and rather are fraught with frustration at not knowing where to direct all their actions and motivation.

If this is your case, the most appropriate thing is that before knowing how to achieve your goals, know what they are; that is, what do you want to pursue, what do you want to be, have, and where you plan to be in the future.

Now, knowing our goals becomes complex if we do not know ourselves. Who has clear goals in life reflects that he knows himself, his abilities, talents, tastes and exciting activities, etc. Let it be seen that you know where you want to go because you know what things you are passionate about and motivated.

It is for this reason that in this article we wanted to ask you some questions to encourage your self-knowledge, identify what you are passionate about and, from that, you can set clear goals and objectives.

Everything that can arise from self-analysis and reflection about ourselves can be very useful to help us define our goals. To do this, try answering the following questions:

What activities, tasks, or actions do I enjoy doing? Is there a job that you do that you don't really perceive as a job because you enjoy it so much? Write them down on a blank sheet of paper.

What topics do you like to talk about most of the time? When you see information, videos, movies or other material on what topics are they?

Ask others what are you good at naturally? What do they constantly recognize about you? Do they think you have any special talents or abilities? Ask people you trust for answers.

Last but not least, take a look at what your heart tells you to do. After that, analyze what your goals will be in the short, medium and long term based on the pleasant emotions and feelings generated by the things you like.

Many times the goals that we set for ourselves are not achieved because we do not know enough about ourselves. Let's pay more attention to ourselves and then set our course, that will allow us to better consolidate our path and our objectives.

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Motivation As a Factor Of Social Well-Being

 If we talk about motivation, the most likely thing is that the first thing with which it is associated is with an individual condition that brings great improvements on a personal level, we conceive of motivation as a special energy that helps us to direct our decisions and actions in life . However, Abhishek Gopalka, a Hindu consultant, relates that motivation goes beyond an individual sphere and that it should rather be taken to broader spheres.

What measures would we think to develop if we were the ministers of a country that requires significant improvements in the health system of their country? Gopalka said that was the question he had to ask himself in 2016 when he was asked to help improve the health system in Rajasthan, a town in India that had a very poor health system and had high rates of infant mortality and disease. infectious.

Gopalka, after thinking for several days, pointed out that he could not follow the same routes that other governors had taken in the past and thought that what should be encouraged was that all the measures that were carried out were aimed at unleashing the motivation of the people involved. within the health system. Its primary objective was to change the perspective of the entire local health system, which should not be thought of as a business but as a service in favor of the consultants.

Encouraging motivation began with a restructuring of the educational system with which professionals in the health area had been trained, it implied from starting to promote manners to improving working conditions within the health system.

What have been the results? Rajasthan in 2016 ranked 20th out of cities in India for the organization of their health systems according to a World Bank survey. Now 3 years into the project, Rajasthan is ranked 16th. A slow but quite significant advance that makes it clear that there have been changes for the better.

It seems that getting out of traditional actions is quite favorable, something that perhaps not all rulers come to consider when stipulating their government plans.

Motivation must stop being thought only from the individual level, it must be expanded so that more of its benefits reach all possible sectors of society. Or perhaps an optimistic and determined mentality will not be good stimulants and generators of social well-being?

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How To Carry Out a Business Idea

McDonalds , Uber and Facebook itself are big companies today, but they all started with a business idea, therefore, no one can deny that a business idea is the starting point for all entrepreneurs.

If you want to start a business and you already have a business idea, you are probably wondering what the next step is , so in this article we will give you some tips to move to the next stage of your company's life.

Before your venture takes shape, the first thing to do is polish the business idea , as it will help you plan the activities you need to carry out before opening the doors of your establishment.

Imagine a tower, if the base is not solid, as it is built, the project may feel unstable. This can also happen for companies. If the business idea is good, this will be seen in all phases of the development of the company. Of course, for growth it is important to see what actions and strategies are carried out, but for that the business idea is to provide clarity towards where that growth will be or what that growth looks like.

The human being by nature tends to anticipate. So if you are already seeing business, you are checking if you are in the bureau to request a business loan , how to register your brand, etc. Stop. The ideal is to check that your idea has enough elements so that from there you have a business plan.

Define your products or services

This may seem a bit obvious, because there is no business if you do not know what you are going to sell , but the important thing here is that in this first you define what this product will include. To be a little clearer, you can start answering these types of questions:

What product or service will you offer?

What are the characteristics of these products or services?

What benefits will your products or services bring to your potential customers?

What types of additional services will that product or service offer?

These are general questions, but it is better that as you answer, it is best to generate more specific questions. To make things clearer, we are going to give an example.

Let's say you want to start a restaurant. In this sense, you should not only define the type of food that you are going to offer but rather what benefits you are going to offer. For example, it may be food from a specific region of the world to attract certain types of customers.

That is, in this step it is best to define the specifications of the type of service you are going to offer and the justification of why one thing is and another is not.

Define the market niche of your business idea

When entrepreneurs are asked what their market is , many answer "men and women in their 20s to 60s." This is a problem because this answer is ambiguous and therefore not clear. For this step it is necessary that you go far beyond gender, age and socioeconomic level. Ideally, you should also know in which region, what they do, what problems or aspirations they need to solve.

For example, if you have a coffee shop near corporate offices, your market niche will not be the same if your establishment were near a park, because customers will have different reasons for going to your business.

This information will also help you adjust the characteristics of your product. Returning to the example of the cafeteria, if it is in an area near offices, something you should consider is that the service must be fast and if possible you can have food already prepared and packaged ready to sell. As you can see, having the market niche helps you to narrow down the characteristics of your service or product, which will later help you project costs and make other decisions, for example, how to finance your project (through credits or if you should associate, etc.

Define your competition

The next step is to see who is competing with you for that market niche. The important thing will be that you look at their prices, promotions, activity in social networks, business model, etc. The thing is that you see what they are doing well and what are their areas of opportunity to see what your differentiator will be.

Be careful, if you have the small cafeteria it does not mean that Starbucks is your main competition or that if you sell Pizza, you will compete directly with Dominos. Maybe at some point they will share customers, but try to choose competitors that are similar to the size of your business.

Define what resources you will need

If you've already landed the above points, congratulations! You are very close to starting to realize your business idea. Now is the time to define, based on your products and services, the needs of the market niche and you know what your competition is doing. Now, it is time to define the resources you will need if you want your idea to come true. You will need to define at least the following:

Do you need to hire someone to run the business?

What type of intellectual capital will you need for your company? That is, do you need to hire someone with specific knowledge (eg digital marketing, accounting, legal, etc.)

Will you have a point of sale or will you sell online?

What financial resources will you need?

Where will you find those financial resources? Are you going to partner with someone? Is it convenient to think about additional options such as an online loan?

What type of providers will you need?

Finally, you must document the answer to all the questions you have asked yourself, and then compose a business plan and thus have the list of tasks that you must have ready to launch your business. 

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Attracting The Energy Of Money.

In my professional work as a spiritual psychologist, I receive daily in the consultation people who live suffering because of the lack of money, and its consequences for the quality of life. Because although it is true that money does not the complete happiness, it helps to maintain a quality of life that is a means to other ends.

Now, it is very clear that we are going through a time in which the axis is spiritual awakening and a new rearrangement of all our life and action schemes. Our relationship with money does not escape this new order.

If, as human beings, we are energy that conveys information and we live immersed in a Higher spiritual energy that commands our lives, money is framed within those same parameters.

It is an energy and as such, it has its laws and mode of operation. Depending on how we treat and relate to that energy, it is that it will approach or move away from us.

Energy is sensitive to any vibrational change, positive or negative. It approaches with the high vibration of love, trust and detachment and moves away when we vibrate immersed in the sea of ​​negativity, fears, lack of confidence, low esteem, belief in unworthiness or lack of power etc.

For example, when we are vibrating in the axis of sadness, despair, lack of faith, attachment to money,  to cite just a few examples, it is when the energy of money begins to move away little by little and in general It is there when a negative vicious circle is generated that increases disappointment and pessimism. It is like the dog that tries to bite its tail and never succeeds.

In both cases, we verify how we are active co-creators of our reality. No one is responsible, only we ourselves are the authors of what happens to us. Destiny is a construction that I am working on step by step every day of my life.

Changing our mental patterns 

As a spiritual psychologist, I try to make each client reconnect in another way first with their beliefs and then put them to link with a larger context, current time, stage of the cosmic plan in which we live, etc.

Thus, most limiting beliefs begin to weaken. Well, when it is reframed, the old loses its meaning and new paradigms are renewed and strengthened that are now possible for opening.

Opening of new mental paths that favor the design of new strategies to increase well-being and prosperity in life.

Cleanse the toxic of the past

Usually the load that we carry in our DNA as a result of experiences stored in this and other lives, make the present difficult for us, since they are phrases, limiting mandates that we carry like backpacks and we do not consciously notice it. Why? Because they are part of the unconscious writing that has been developed and that acts in the shadows. For example: I will not be able to achieve it, I do not deserve the money, I am poor like all my family, money is made with a lot of sacrifice etc.

My first task as a spiritual psychologist is to help recognize and clean them, and then reprogram healthier and more enabling patterns.

Within the techniques of spiritual psychology, I use the cleaning and reprogramming of cellular memory, EFT or tapping, creative visualizations, etc. We leave the traditional frame and we frame ourselves in other ways of learning energy.

How do I attract the energy of money?

The next step is to do internal work (spiritual and psychological) to achieve a state of calm, which is attractive for money and prosperity.

So money and abundance come when:

I am in harmony

I vibrate in love

I seek to benefit many and not only myself.

I detach myself from the results and focus on the pleasure of the work I do

I entrust myself to the Divine Will and also recognize that work is a gift from Heaven.

I work and tune in with a Higher Purpose

I am grateful and I always work with joy and love, giving a bonus for what I do.

I have full confidence in the Will of the Creator and the Universe, because what I need to evolve will come to me.

And especially I never forget, that if what I expect does not arrive, it is because I am surely not ready to receive it.

The Creator's wisdom and infinite love know exactly what is for my best good.

Let us not forget that the teacher arrives when we are ready to receive him. Applied to money and matter, if what I expect still does not come, I have to check my vibration and if I am prepared to treat what I receive well.

All these concepts are those that from spiritual psychology I manage to achieve openness towards a new approach, which takes people out of the immediacy of need, so that they can get to work on building their spiritual connection, and thus, gestate the foundations of future abundance and prosperity.

He who possesses spiritual wealth, then will obtain material wealth. It is a Law of the Universe. 

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Positive Emotions

 The law of attraction works, but in order for it to happen, a series of steps must inevitably be followed, and most of them maintain uncompromising perseverance.

Most of the authors say the same, the most important ingredient is the emotion with which that wish is asked to the Universe.

However, as in most cases, they remain only in the statement, because they do not explain precisely how to develop said emotion.

The most common exemplary case, mainly for men, is the desire to have a 0 km car. There the authors tell you that you should think about it with emotion, feel that it is already yours, that you are driving it, go see it, contemplate it , and you do that and yet in the vast majority of people nothing happens.

Why does that happen? Or, in any case, the most correct question would be why isn't anything happening?

In this example that I indicate and that the authors mention with more repetition, it is easy to understand what they mean by “emotion”.

Now, with a minute or up to sixty minutes a day that one is thinking about said desire with emotion, will it be enough for that car that we desire so much to materialize in this case?

Surely it will influence if we have more minutes of emotion during the day than only if we think about it two or three minutes a day. However, this is not enough, or in any case that is what I am personally verifying, not only must we look for direct emotion, but also the emotion that is born as a result of a specific plan.

And here I recall what I have said in other articles, God wants the best for all of us and for this he gave us the law of attraction or whatever they want to call it, but we must make an effort to achieve it, not so much physical but rather mental .

Because otherwise God would be forming useless larvae, sitting in an armchair waiting for millions to fall from the sky. If you want God to help you, you must do the minimum work he asks you to do.

And this job is simply setting goals for yourself. In this case related to this order of the desired car.

Do you want the car? Well, apart from asking the Universe for this wish and doing it with emotion, you must take the next step, which is to propose a goal that will generate money to buy that car.

You will say: But, what difference is there in this with what people normally do rationally, saving in between, to achieve what they propose?

Well, the difference lies in the "emotion" that you will put in that goal, which is complemented (indirect emotion), with the emotion that you applied on the desire to have the car 0 km.

Then as you advance in the goal you set, you will see how the emotion is born naturally each time you take a step in the realization of that goal. Because they know they are also getting close to that dream car.

It is like a "positive" vicious circle, with each advance of the proposed goal they will feel emotion, with each emotion turned to the Universe, it will be easier for them to continue with the programmed objective and so on.

And that emotion in turn will grow more, when they apply an iron perseverance to that goal, which as I have said, I call "stubborn perseverance."

And to the extent that they advance in this objective, to the extent that they put more emotion they will be allowing the Universe to move in such a way that that car brings them, and perhaps in an unthinkable way, even, that has nothing to do with the goal they were setting.

Because the important thing is not so much the goal itself, but perseverance, the emotion with which they do everything that is imposed in life.

The important thing is to show God that they do not give up at any time. If the path they took at the beginning is the wrong one, then they must rectify it, but always looking ahead, and God will unfailingly guide them to the end of it.

Do you want the car 0 km? Well, what do you wait to impose a goal on yourself, with uncompromising perseverance and accompanied by an emotion at the realization of every little step you take, because deep down you know that God is taking you on the road to help you.

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The Leader

This time I am going to talk to you about leaders, to understand more clearly the concept of humility, since, as I mentioned in other articles, the more humble we are, the closer to God we will be and in return the actions we undertake to meet our objectives with the law of attraction, they will be performed more effectively.

At the group level, one understands that a leader is the one who leads a group of people. This group can be made up of two people to thousands of them.

Leaders are seen in all kinds of groups and relationships: at work, in sports, among friends, in politics, and this classification would never end, since when two or more people meet with a common goal, someone will always want to lead or guide the decisions to be made.

Because regardless of whether these decisions are democratic, discussed and decided by the majority, there will always be a leader who heads these groups.

Now, what is the difference between a true leader and a dictator.

That the first acts with humility and the second with arrogance, arrogance and motivated among other things by power itself, without caring in the least the people he leads.

At the political level when I say dictator, this does not necessarily mean that I represent someone who has taken power by force. Moreover, in America we had and we have in different countries of the continent, dictators who, undercover by weak democracies, act like true dictators, becoming politically undercover dictocracies under the guise of a false and deceptive democracy.

So there we see the false leader, without humility, only guided by his own Ego, generally surrounded by a group of obsequious or cowards who do not dare to discuss the errors and horrors that he continually commits, for dealing with arrogance and contempt towards his similar.

A true leader listens to criticism, a true leader takes the opposition with respect, speaks with it with an open mind and, above all else, don't considers us enemies for the mere fact of thinking differently.

A true leader considers himself in the group as the least important, since if he acts with humility, his premise must be the good of others over personal good.

When a leader acts preponderantly guided by humility he becomes a statesman.

So here we see contrary to the mentality that the boys' society instilled in us, that acting with humility is not synonymous with weakness, wishing others well is not synonymous with not knowing how to defend oneself. On the contrary, the one who acts with humility is the one who should take the greatest of our respects, because said leader is the one who will act thinking that he has God guiding him by his side.

The leader who acts with humility does not need force or intimidation to be respected. Since he himself acts motivated by love towards his fellow man and he will receive the same from him.

Therefore, if we want our leaders to be capable, intelligent and respectful of their followers, we start by being the leaders of our lives ourselves. Let us look at our own future with optimism and do not stop acting, setting goals supported by perseverance and willpower. Leaving aside our Ego, to let ourselves be guided by our humility.

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How Is Your Level Of Self-Esteem?

Everything that happens day by day around us has a reason for being. Whether we are aware of it or not. It is the universal law of ( cause and effect ) , however, the common tendency of the human being is to curse and deny the things that happen in our life , but many times, we do not realize or do not want to realize the role that we play in events that we do not like, but that we ourselves attract to us. 

When we learn to change our attitude and behavior about certain situations that we could consider key, it is when we acquire the responsibility and the right to obtain the results we want. But how to improve to be able with our attitude, to attract the desired results, in certain special situations? The answer to this concern can be found in the level of self-esteem that we have reached. Our degree of self-esteem is a determining factor in our behavior in the different situations of our life. 

But what can we understand by self-esteem? Although there are, as in everything, a wide number of definitions for self-esteem, in a simple way we can understand self-esteem as the knowledge that a person has of himself and the satisfactory acceptance that he has of that knowledge. Therefore, your level of self-esteem will be reflected in the feelings and attitudes that the person shows in different circumstances. 

In my experience, dealing with students and collaborators for more than 20 years, I have been able to realize that a large number of people experience a high degree of lack of self-esteem, however, for some people, this lack of self-esteem occurs mainly in certain situations and special circumstances. 

I have realized how, this low level of self-esteem occurs in special and particularly emotional moments and is when it can hurt us the most. For example, in job interviews, in romantic dates and in the application of academic degree tests, among others, it is when we usually feel with very low self-esteem and feel defeated before carrying out our activities and obtaining our purposes. 

This is known as "unproductive self-esteem," because it is difficult, if not impossible, to be productive in these circumstances. It is important to know that this situation entails a great danger, in the case of those who have children or close people for whom they are models or leaders, since this state is transmitted to them. It is also very common to feel this way, with very low self-esteem, when developing a business or project, and in such a condition the person feels uncomfortable and powerless to carry out what has been proposed. 

It would not be risky to say that most of us have experienced, at some point, this type of situation, and without a doubt, this has caused us some damage, be it on a personal or family level, but should we spend our whole lives living in these situations, due to low self-esteem? definitely not. 

You can overcome any situation caused by low self-esteem and become a strong, self-confident person and, especially, a productive person. You deserve it. In this series of articles I will share with you some ideas and practices to raise our level of self-esteem so that you can be happier every day and have a better quality of life. For now, repeat over and over again: I deserve to be happy and have a better quality of life,  it is my responsibility and it is my right. 

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The Magic Of Self-Discipline to Achieve Success

We all know that self-discipline is very important, but do we need it?

We know about some tools of success, and we become familiar with many useful resources and materials that guide us to success, so why do we engage in self-discipline?

Most of us set goals in different areas of our lives. Some of us want more prosperous relationships, some want more money, some want more, they simply want happiness in their lives, and some want better health by trying to lose weight. They are all common goals, and they sometimes fail or succeed in achieving them. The question is: Why don't we achieve those goals?

The answer is simple: Lack of self-discipline.

Success takes time. It doesn't come overnight. The actions we take today will establish the results in the future. If you transform your present, your future will change. For example, if you eat a lot of junk and fatty food and do not exercise today, the result in the future will be that you will become obese. If you are going to waste more money than you make today, you will have less money in your pockets in the future.

Actions in the present define future results.

Self-discipline is carried out in your present to achieve good results in the future.

You may have a lot of knowledge about tips and tools for your goals, but if you do nothing to achieve those goals, they will never be a success. Most goals and objectives require energy and perseverance. Self-discipline will help you push yourself and maintain the necessary perseverance. If you want to lose weight, you require the help of self-discipline among other skills such as eating healthy. If you want to have more money, you need to be disciplined either to save or to invest.

Sometimes some sacrifices will have to be made. Yes, sometimes it's about making some tough sacrifices. Don't get overwhelmed, no one will demand you do something you don't want to do. however, sacrifice is necessary to achieve the goals in the future.

Our lives are full of temptations: we have screens, exquisite food, candy, technology etc. These temptations incite us to fun and make us blur from the most important goals in our lives. Most of us wish we had a slim figure, but with these temptations that plague us all the time, we lose that goal of a slim figure. We all want to get more cash, but it is difficult to resist the offers, for example, they offer us discount travel packages for a great vacation. In these circumstances, what we really need is self-discipline, it will keep us focused on our goals and remind us to pursue them until we are successful with self discipline.

Analyze the difference between what you feel and what goes through your mind.

Identify that fine line between your heart and your mind.

Suddenly a commercial promoting a delicious hamburger may appear and you will die to eat it, but your self-discipline will tell you No, forget your cravings because you have the goal of losing weight.

Many experts believe that it is practically impossible to achieve success without self-discipline. Research shows that entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs must possess it to be successful in their businesses and companies.

It is a habit of successful people.

And it is a habit of mind.

Successful people program their brains for self-discipline, they use it naturally and automatically, therefore, for them it is not an effort or something difficult to use the power of self-discipline.

97% of people do not put their goals on paper, and that to begin with is already an important brake for success, however, even if the objectives are written, it is not enough unless it is complemented with self-discipline.

Successful people have high self-discipline, and they use it without any difficulty, they see it, not as a hard sacrifice or boring activities that they do, but rather as a kind of freedom. The freedom from dependence on others, and the freedom to live without self-limitations.

We use it for all areas of our lives, with it, you can better organize your time. You can improve your self-confidence and self-satisfaction, you will also need it to develop spiritual growth, personal growth and meditation.

It is one of the main tools to get to what you are capable of achieving.

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The Key Attitude In Difficult Times

 The word optimism originates from the Latin optimum and means ( the best ). Precisely, an optimistic person is one who always hopes and sees the best in the situations that are presented to him. He is the one who, despite the difficulties, focuses on the positive and positive side of things.

 Sometimes, we are faced with situations that in one way or another cause us to feel discouraged, sad or pessimistic about what is happening to us, but at that precise moment is when we must most try to have an appropriate attitude that helps to resolve such situations.

 Every day we face difficulties in the tasks or activities that we carry out. The attitude that we take in the face of this will be what defines if what we were doing is ruined or if everything will be fine and it is only necessary that we fill ourselves with patience and solve things.

 If, for example, we are excited to prepare a special dinner because we will have guests at home, and even more so in this time full of festivities, and we realize that the oven has burned our food, the first reaction to this may be anger, despair, discouragement.

 We may think at that moment that all the activity we planned has been ruined or that now nothing will work out. But you have to know that these are only thoughts that are part of a pessimistic energy that haunts us and is not exactly reality or what is going to happen.

 Faced with this and countless other complex situations that we face, what decides if our plans will go well is the attitude we take in the face of these circumstances.

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Have We Reached Out to Others?

 One of the greatest benefits we get from smartphones is that we get closer to people, due to the ease and advantages they offer us. From messaging applications to social networks.

Currently, with the ease of a few clicks, we can call or write to someone who may live in another country or even on another continent.

However, contrary to what we would think, due to the ease that technology offers us, currently we are increasingly distant from others and creating fictitious relationships in front of others and that what they do is self-absorbed. I will explain myself.

Some years ago, when there was not such a wide proliferation of technological devices, I remember going on the bus and seeing people talking to each other, without neglect. Now, every time I get on a bus I see more people with their cell phone in their hands, completely hooked on it and without any type of contact with the other people on the bus. 

That is only the first example, because it also happens that once we have linked ourselves to technological devices, it is not that this increases our contact with others because, in general, we are even more busy and we do not always answer or get upset. agreement with people.

So, on the one hand we have that we have distanced ourselves from people assuming that we can approach them through technology but it turns out that that is not entirely true.

I understand that there are obligations, I understand that the current pace of life is not the best but it is time to sit down and analyze if some things we do bring us closer to or rather are distancing us from contact with people. 

Sometimes I do not understand if we play to be more important than others or if it is that the rhythm of life has us between a rock and a hard place and we cannot even breathe to connect with other people.

I wanted to emphasize in this article a specific example, the case of smartphones; however, I suppose that we can find many other manifestations of what I say. 

The example serves to see that something that is supposed to be designed at first to make life easier and closer to others but that becomes a double-edged sword that rather works the other way around and makes us be further away from them. . How ironic right?

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Fundamental Concepts of Organizational Success

Each entrepreneur who is currently in the process of creating his own company, must take into account, among many other things, that the concepts of efficiency and effectiveness are central in the day-to-day running of an organization. 

 Those who have already had the opportunity to be members of a company or have studied this topic, know that a large part of the success of the company is due precisely to the fact that both efficiency and effectiveness have optimal levels within it. 

 But what do we mean by efficiency and effectiveness?

 We speak of efficiency when the different processes that occur in the company are carried out optimally. It also refers to the optimal use of the resources available to the company. 

 On the other hand, effectiveness refers rather to the successful fulfillment of the ultimate goals or ends of the company. A business is effective when it achieves the initial desired results. 

 In simple words, we can say that a company is being efficient and effective when it achieves the results it seeks and achieves its objectives, using the least possible resources, through the optimization and streamlining of the different organizational processes. 

 As we mentioned, the most appropriate for a company to achieve success, the most appropriate would be to maintain both efficiency and effectiveness at the same time. However, it could also be the case that the company is effective but not efficient, or efficient but not effective. 

 For example, if a company sets the goal of increasing its profits the following year, and achieves it successfully, but there was also an increase in the expenditure of resources used throughout the process, in this case it was possible to be effective but not efficient. 

 Knowing this, it is essential that you as an entrepreneur and future businessperson understand these concepts very well and their implications for the success that your organization or business may or may not have. If you can keep these concepts present in your daily practice, success will soon greet you.  

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Recommendations For Choosing Your New Home

 If at this point in your life you find yourself making plans to move into a new home or acquire a home for the first time, this article may be helpful. Well, we will mention some recommendations to buy a place if you want to live in your own space or change room.

 First of all, it is important that, when choosing the place where you will live, you take into account some aspects, which are mentioned below:

You need to think about whether the place you are going to choose you want to be your home for life or if in the future you plan to change places or go on a trip. If your idea is to leave the place later, it is appropriate that you choose a place that is easy to sell in the future. A place that someone else can call their new home. For this reason, it is important that the place you buy is in good condition and, if possible, of recent creation. Well, this way it will be easier for you to offer it in the future.

Before making the official decision to buy or acquire your new home, make sure you have searched for enough options. Visit as many places as possible, analyze and compare options, distinguish disadvantages and advantages that each place has, and in the end choose the option that best suits your plans, choose the best offer. The importance of analyzing enough options is reaffirmed by Robert Kiyosaki, who assures that to buy a property it is necessary to have previously seen a hundred more and to have chosen the best one.

Finally, we advise you to be prudent when choosing the way to acquire the economic funds to buy the property, if you do not have them or not all of them. As with property, have enough options to acquire such funds. If, for example, you are thinking of making a loan, analyze the different entities that offer this service, their fees, interests, the benefits that you will obtain and the possible disadvantages in the future. Also, calmly analyze whether the most appropriate thing is to take a loan, ask outsiders for help, create a savings fund, etc. In the end, make the decision with which you feel most comfortable and the one that will give you the most peace of mind, not only in the short term, but in the medium and long term.

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For a World Where Effort Is Valued

One of the things that saddens me the most is knowing that there are many people who are constantly looked down upon for the jobs they do, jobs that are often completely worthy and important in our society.

Traditionally, work has been defined as an occupation to which a person engages in order to obtain remuneration in return. Many times the works tend to be located within activities of a scientific, artistic, intellectual or technical nature, but there is another group of works that are not categorized in that way and which are often underestimated.

The example that springs to mind most quickly is the case of garbage collectors. One of the most despised tasks but which has a highly relevant role as part of the sanitary measures of human settlements.

This article aims to raise awareness and vindicate the importance of many of the jobs that have been despised, that is why we will analyze three guidelines with which we can make a change so that the jobs are better valued.

First of all, you must always keep in mind that no one is obliged to do any work for us. Therefore, it is important that we always be grateful and show it to others. For example: the next time a server takes your order, thank him.

Try not to speak badly or despise any job , remember that people perform a job in order to bring sustenance to their homes. If at any time you are going to speak ill of a job, remember this article and better say something positive about that occupation.

Finally, feel worthy of your work , if you know that with your work you seek a good and help society, be happy and grateful for having that job. The transformations start from ourselves.

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Reflexology a Step to Your Well-Being

 Welcome to the wonderful world of Reflexology , an experience that will be pleasant after a long day of work, but let's see some of how it all started.

When the first human beings walked barefoot, they already enjoyed the benefits that this brought about, a therapeutic form of foot massage. Like all science, its history dates back to the times of the early Chinese and Egyptian cultures. Its healing effects on feet, hands and the whole body were widely known, without its knowledge spreading to the rest of the world. They communicated their own experiences with each other, and through generations they found that there were very specific points where it could stimulate the functioning of some organs of the body.

At the beginning of the 20th century, this technique reached the West and was later practiced in much of the hemisphere.

But really, what does Reflexology do, what benefits do you expect from it?

Here we will give you some tips:

It encourages total relaxation, allowing a better circulation of your system, relieving nervous tension within the body.

Massage can help remove muscle tension and pain. Increases flexibility in joints.

Reduces physical and mental fatigue and stress by quickly relieving muscle discomfort caused by bad posture habits in your daily activities.

It can reduce the flow of blood pressure, normalizing its functions.

How does Reflexology work?

Behind the practical effects it produces. A generalized concept is that when we stimulate the reflex points, the natural energy of the body works. The nervous system and the lymphatic system, the meridians and other mechanisms are cleaned and unblocked in a reflex way, helping the corresponding areas to normalize their function.

During a Reflexology session, deposits ,small accumulations of crystals that develop under the skin that interfere with the natural flow of natural electromagnetic energy in the human body are removed.

Remember your health comes first, take care of it.

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Leadership with Emotional Intelligence

In today's rapidly changing, more open, more fluid style of work, the combination of Leadership with Emotional Intelligence is needed, especially when it comes to entrusting responsibilities, forming teams to solve problems, and seizing opportunities.

The collective level of Emotional Intelligence in an organization determines the degree to which intellectual capital is developed. The art of optimizing intellectual grade is to orchestrate the interactions of people with different backgrounds and experiences. 

The leader is the one who promotes the art of collaboration, the enthusiasm that emanates from a leader can drive an entire group because leading is giving energy, a leader persuades and influences thanks to his empathy and his ability to develop persuasion strategy. 

Let's see what are the 3 great challenges for the leader in the workplace: organization, motivation and conflict resolution.

Organization is an art that agrees with certain generally accepted principles of business administration. A company without a good manager is doomed to fail. On the contrary, the company with a motivating leader with vast knowledge in this role, will have daily successes to count.

Motivation in the company is nothing more than the fuel generated by that human engine for its ideal operation. Hence, the leader has to manifest himself willing to exhaust all his potential in this area to have a compact team of collaborators under the same path to success.

The enthusiastic leader, with enough energy, is able to resolve the conflicts  that generally occur in the organization, they test their knowledge and confidence in difficult but possible problems of solution. The importance you give to learning about Emotional Intelligence and your practical skills will be the guideline to achieve the necessary balance of your leadership management. 

Here are some of the characteristics of leadership and Emotional Intelligence

1. Achieve the highest level of emotional balance possible for our temperament, especially in the workplace.

2. Learn how the brain, nervous system, and hormones act when emotions are triggered.

3. Know the psycho-physical mechanism of emotions and their usefulness in our daily life.

4. Control and modify our emotions to increase psychological well being and physical health.

5. Decipher and use facial and body language beneficially.

6. Manage our emotional energy for greater motivation.

7. Improve our communication through the principles of Emotional intelligence.

8. Develop empathy skills to improve all relationships.

9. Learn to motivate and influence other people, developing new leadership skills.

10. Put into practice simple psycho-physical techniques to facilitate emotional balance and the management of moods.

The Leadership with emotional intelligence feed the process of daily business success. 

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Influence For change

 When reading the article in one of the newspapers of my country in relation to the political aspect and its influence on the lives of my countrymen, I was transported to those experiences as a child. At that time I did not have the use of reason to clearly analyze what this meant; however, there he listened to the murmurs of the people about what they experienced regarding the ups and downs of that political management.

The noise of the harangue passed for me unnoticed, the annoying coming and going of news of all kinds that the radio transmitted to the people of the moments we were living, of course, television did not even exist or if there was at least it did not have the means to have one.

I can imagine the amount of energy that each of these savior men lost in their attempt to change the way people think. To no avail, nothing was achieved, nor will it be achieved, the only ones who can change are us at the individual level and from there will come the change in others.

Being a principle of life respect for the individual's thinking, therefore the way in which your character is defined, in no way can every thought that will lead to achieve a dream in life be suspended. Let us not be influenced by what we hear, let us be our own leaders with action and determination to reach the levels of life we ​​desire!

Let's not let inexorable time pass, every second that is well used will allow us to reap the fruits for a new lifestyle.

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Recommendations To Generate Savings

 Currently, one of the dreams of many people is to develop their own projects, be it a business through which we can profit, or a project that we have had in mind for a long time but which we have not been able to bring to reality due to because we do not have the financial resources for it.

We know that every business, venture or company requires an initial capital with which we can begin to operate. Without enough money for investment, it will be difficult for us to make our dream come true. 

For this reason, today's article focuses on giving some recommendations for when we do not have investment capital to develop our own business. Then we list them: 

If we still do not have a fixed income, it is time to generate it. Whether through a job, the sale of items, or another way of generating money, it is important that we initially have that income. 

Once we have the fixed income, it is necessary to organize it. That is, divide it into parts such as monthly expenses, emergency fund, and of course, generate a fund that is specifically investment. 

If the previous point is complicated and we believe that we do not have enough money to generate investment savings, it is time to make modifications: reduce our expenses as much as possible, eliminate luxuries, whims and cravings, look for a second and third entry of money, always prioritize saving over spending, among others. 

Finally, we recommend taking the current investment savings and placing it in a time deposit or other similar option, in order to generate more interest and make said savings grow. Well, as they say, "money does not generate anything if we have it under the mattress.

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Our Destiny Is a Set of Decisions

 One of the questions that we will constantly find ourselves with is whether the destiny of every human being exists, or if what happens to us in life is something that is already written or if it is something that we are building day by day. In addition, of all the questions that are linked to this that we mentioned.

We are faithful believers that things happen because they should happen, but that is not why we are in favor of believing that everything is written. If we think about it carefully, our life would be meaningless if everything was already set in stone.

We know that every day we are presented with different ways to define our life and give it a direction. Thanks to this, existence becomes in constant and changing flux. Life surprises us with learning, with people to discover, with the magic of nature, with new opportunities, with different ways of doing things, with unknown realities, with skills to develop ...

All this tempts us to conclude that our path is not written, on the contrary, one builds one's own path day by day, even on the same day our "destiny" may vary. 

I think that each of us comes to do something unique and unrepeatable and that we have a mission, but building on a day-to-day basis makes us who we are. We all make our destiny because it is the set of actions and decisions that we make on a daily basis.

There are millions of people who, every day, show that despite their circumstances or what they have happened, they do not sit idly by and decide to write their own destiny.

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Woman Be Sure Of Yourself

 In today's world, it is extremely difficult for a woman to stay afloat when it comes to beauty and physical appearance. Every time society, and even many times even their own partners, make them fill up with pressure to look like everyone would like.

 In many cases, it is frustrating for a woman to see how her partner wishes she had the body and appearance of a model , and if the woman does not have these characteristics, many times the couple looks for them, sometimes unconsciously, in different places, such as looking at a women's magazine, watching pornography, looking for slender women on the web, etc, and this in turn makes them feel insecure about their body, pressured to look like those perfect women.

 But if you are reading this and you are a woman, maybe you are tired of feeling this way and wish that the war of all against all, to see who looks better, ends once and for all.

 To give you a solution where to start, they should start by strengthening their own security: Accept the appearance they have and, only if they want to be different, start implementing changes to improve their body.

 On the other hand, it is important that they ask their partners to respect them and not compare them to other women , because while it is true, there are many women in the world, your partner should not feel dissatisfied with the diverse physique that each of you has.

Finally, try to free yourself from all this pressure and always seek to feel comfortable with yourself, and if feeling comfortable implies making changes in your routine or in your life in general, go ahead, do it.

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How To Get Out of A Depression

 Depression is a psychological disorder that also has biological and genetic components. It is not only characterized by crying, sadness or isolation, but it also brings sleep disorders, irritability and eating problems, as well as suicidal thoughts. The alarm has been raised that if these symptoms persist for most of the day for two weeks, the person should seek professional help.

Depression is not the same as sadness, since the latter can be understood as an "adaptation reaction" and occurs as a reaction to circumstances such as the death of a loved one or the breakdown of a relationship. In these cases, it is not always necessary to seek professional help, if not to have good social support.

What to do if depression is detected?

Look for company, spend time with family, friends, or colleagues; always have someone to share with.

Do different things. Try visiting places you haven't seen, seeing new people, reading a book you've always wanted to enjoy, or watching your favorite movies.

Go spiritual. Regardless of your faith or whether you profess one, seek forgiveness (forgive yourself too), seek peace, and seek what makes you happy.

Take into account the good that has happened to you. Make a recount of the successes and good things that did happen to you in the last few months: the new friends, the places you met. 

Set goals. Anyone is a good time to set goals and plan how to achieve them. Go back to your studies, find another job, learn a language.

Seek professional help: Professional support is of vital importance since strategies will be established to cope with the condition.

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